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Tuesday, June 9, 1998 – 8:55 a.m.
JRW East Conference Room

The regular meeting of the State Board of Examiners was held June 9, 1998 at 8:55 a.m. in the JRW East Conference Room.

Members present:
      Governor Philip E. Batt, Chairman of the Board
      Secretary of State Pete T. Cenarrusa
      Attorney General Alan G. Lance
      State Controller and Secretary of the Board J. D. Williams

Sub-Committee members present:

David High, Office of Attorney General
Darrell Manning, Office of Governor
H. W. Turner, Office of State Controller


    Request for authorization to waive the $1,000 limitation on bonuses for Phyllis Heitman, Administrative Secretary for Air and Hazardous Waste Division at the Division of Environmental Quality, per Idaho Code §67-5309C(b)(iii). DEQ proposes to award a one-time, lump sum bonus award of $1,000 and requests authorization to waive the PERSI bonus distribution in FY 98 of $525.00.

    Request for authorization to pay overtime for the following employees currently working on the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) Implementation Project: The estimated overtime is between 10 and 25 hours per week for the duration of the project. Permission to pay overtime for the other staff members working with this implementation project was granted and is currently in effect until October 31, 1998.
                  Pamela Payton
                  VonCille Lasley
                  Sandra Hicks

    Request for authorization to pay 142.5 hours of overtime to Daniel Maxwell, IT Network Analyst, accrued during staffing shortages and conversion of network in the home office and five regional offices to NT servers. Compensation arrangements had been made with Mr. Maxwell before he resigned from the State Insurance Fund.


4. Request for authorization to use another $250,000 of Penalty & Interest monies to fund the State Information Technology Training Program during Fiscal Year 1999, per Idaho Code §72-1348(b). The Board of Examiners previously approved $200,000 for this program.

5. Request for authorization to use $18,000 of Penalty & Interest monies to pay 1998/1999 membership dues to the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies, Inc., per Idaho Code §72-1348(b).

6. Request for authorization to use $20,000 of Penalty & Interest monies as state matching and supplemental funds for the Idaho Rural Partnership federal grant, per Idaho Code §72-1348(b).

7. Request for authorization to use $50,000 of Penalty & Interest monies to finance reengineering of the computerized information system used by the Wage and Hour Section, per Idaho Code §72-1348(b).


8. Request for authorization to pay accrued compensatory time to the following members of the Bureau of Forensic Services (BFS): If these employees are required to reduce their compensatory time balances through taking time off, the laboratories will find it increasingly difficult to respond to the continually increasing demands for services placed upon them by the criminal justice community statewide.
              Aaron Brudenell 41.0 hours
              Rick Groff 22.5 hours
              Chester Park 46.5 hours
              Susan Williamson 94.5 hours
              Donald Wyckoff 90.8 hours

9. Request for authorization to pay 100 hours compensatory time to Michael C. Key, Information Technology Resource Manager, Bureau of Criminal Identification, accrued from December 1997 through mid-May 1998. Should he be required to reduce his compensatory time balance through time off, it would be extraordinarily difficult to meet the growing demands placed upon him and his activity and still ensure mission accomplishment.

10. Request for approval of draft Moving Policy for the Department of Law Enforcement. They intend to use the policy as a cover sheet for the State of Idaho Moving Policy which will clarify that reimbursement may not always be at the maximum rate allowable by the state, and to outline their internal approval procedure.

    Request for authorization to exceed the $1,000 lump sum bonus amount during Fiscal Year 1998 for the following employees: Nine employees would receive an additional $400.00 each, one employee an additional $150.00, and one employee an additional $100.00. The bonuses are to be funded through salary savings incurred in FY 1998.
      Gladys Esquibel 700.00 Dave Cooper 1,000.00
      Sue Payne 750.00 Dick Stoneker 1,000.00
      Cal Pinkston 1,000.00 Maggie Blackstead 1,000.00
      Roger Button 1,000.00 Maya Babish 1,000.00
      Arnie Wallace 1,000.00 Steve Grupe 1,000.00
      Barry Thompson 1,000.00
      Request for reimbursement of closed cases handled by the Ada County Prosecutor dealing with the prosecution of State Penitentiary inmates for 1997 in the amount of $13,778.91. Legislative Services Office has audited this claim, found the amount correct, and recommends payment of $13,778.91.

      Request for approval of the 1998 Idaho Code Annual Distribution List, pursuant to Idaho Code §73-212.
            Agency Number
            Ada County 47
            Adams County 7
            Administration, Department of 5
            Aging, Idaho Office on 1
            Agriculture, Department of 5
            Attorney General, Office 44
            Auditor, Office of the State 5
            Bannock County 32
            Bar, Idaho State 1
            Bear Lake County 6
            Benewah County 10
            Bingham County 12
            Blaine County 12
            Blind, Commission for the 1
            Boise County 6
            BSU Library (Serials) 1
            Bonner County 16
            Bonneville County 20
            Boundary County 8
            Butte County 8
            Camas County 4
            Canyon County 41
            Caribou County 8
            Cassia County 14
            Clark County 6
            Clearwater County 9
            College of Southern Idaho State Controller's Office 2
            Commerce, Department of 1
            Correction, Department of 14
            Custer County 6
            Dairy Products Commission 1
            Deaf and Blind, School for the 1
            Dentistry, Board of 1
            Disaster Services 1
            Education, State Board of 1
            Education, State Department of 4
            Elmore County 15
            Employment, Department of (Legal) 5
            Endowment Fund Investment Board 1
            Engineering Examiners, Board of 1
            Environmental Quality, Division of 7
            Finance, Department of 2
            Financial Management, Division of 5
            Fish and Game, Department of (Legal) 8
            Franklin County 8
            Fremont County 4
            Gem County 8
            Gooding County 10
            Governor, Office of the 5
            Health and Welfare, Division of Management 34
            Health Districts, Conference of Idaho Public 8
            Human Rights, Commission on 1
            Idaho County 9
            Idaho State University 3
            Industrial Commission 5
            Insurance Fund, State 2
            Insurance, Department of 3
            Jefferson County 7
            Jerome County 14
            Juvenile Correction Center 1
            Kootenai County 40
            Labor & Industrial Services, Department of 6
            Lands, Department of 6
            Latah County 15
            Law Enforcement Training 1
            Law Enforcement Department (Admin Services) 26
            Law Library, Supreme Court 46
            Law Library, Supreme Court (Exchange) 32
            Legislative Auditor 2
            Legislative Budget Office 3
            Legislative Council 11
            Legislature, House of Representatives 25
            Legislature, Senate 18
            Lemhi County 8
            Lewis County 13
            Lewis-Clark State College 5
            Library, Idaho State 3
            Lieutenant Governor, Office of 1
            Lincoln County 8
            Liquor Dispensary 1
            Madison County 9
            Medicine, State Board of 1
            Military Division 1
            Minidoka County 12
            Nez Perce County 17
            North Idaho College Library 2
            Nursing, State Board of 1
            Occupational License Bureau 1
            Oneida County 5
            Owyhee County 8
            Parks and Recreation, Department of 2
            Payette County 9
            Peace Officers (P.O.S.T.) 1
            Personnel Commission 2
            Pharmacy, Idaho State Board of 1
            Power County 7
            Performance Evaluations, Office of 1
            Public Utilities Commission 8
            Public Works Contractors Licensing 1
            Real Estate Commission 1
            Retirement System, Public Employees 2
            Revenue and Taxation, Department of 18
            Secretary of State 5
            Shoshone County 15
            Tax Appeals, Board of 1
            Teton County 6
            Transportation, Department of 12
            Treasurer, Office of the State 1
            Twin Falls County 27
            University of Idaho State Controller's Office 33
            University of Idaho Library 1
            Valley County 10
            Vocational Education 1
            Vocational Rehabilitation 1
            Washington County 10
            Water Resources, Department of 4

    Attorney General Alan G. Lance inquired about the supplement letter requested from the State Insurance Fund regarding item #3. Board members were furnished a copy of that letter. Motion to approve the Consent Agenda was made by Attorney General Alan G. Lance. Secretary of State Pete T. Cenarrusa seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

    WHEREUPON THE MEETING OF THE STATE BOARD OF EXAMINERS was adjourned, subject to the call of the Chairman.

                            Governor Philip E. Batt
                            Chairman of the Board

    J. D. Williams, Secretary to the Board
    and State Controller
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